25th Congress of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy“Dreaming with the Hands“

If you are interested in presenting please read the following information for presenters and submit your application, proposal and attachment.
Abstracts and submissions on a wide range of topics can be related to the main theme, but also other relevant fields of practice and theory about Sandplay are welcome.

Presentation formats:

  • Plenary lecture (60 minutes including discussion)
  • Seminar (60 minutes presentation of clinical/theoretical/research material / 30 minutes discussion)
  • Case study (60 minutes presentation / 30 minutes discussion)
  • Experiential workshop
  • Panel (one coordinator and three to five presenters (90 minutes including discussion)
  • Research papers and Posters (maximum size 100 cm x 75 cm / 39.4 inch x 29.5 inch)

Oral Presentation

Media check

The Media check will take place at the "Leibniz Bibliothek" (Library) of the Harnack-Haus.

Your presentation should be delivered as early as possible no later than 2 hours before presentation in the media check. Please follow the signposting on site. As technical equipment a notebook and data video projector for a power Point presentation in the format 16:9 with the resolution 1920x1080 pixels (no slide projection) will be available in the lecture halls and workshop rooms! Please, note that the use of own laptops is not possible and bring your presentations on USB/memory sticks. We ask all advisers kindly to deliver your data early in the media check. In the lecture halls are no media accepted. During the meeting every speaker steers his talk even by Radio Presenter, technology staff is available in the hall.

Available hardware

  • PC or Laptop (Intel CPU), min. 4GB RAM, min. 200GB HDD, DVD disk drive, USB 2.0

Available software on the presentation PC

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Office: min. Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), backwards compatible
  • Other: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Quick Time, VLC-Player

Use of Apple

We kindly ask you to make your talk compatible to Microsoft office. For testing please go in the media check. Your presentation will be checked with the computers on site. To ensure a smooth process, we only allow you to use your own Apple MacBook in exceptional cases. Since there are different standards, the adapter is to be carried on VGA itself. Be sure to provide timely notice of your desire to use your Apple MacBook.

Integrated videos

These often lead to presentation problems. If you can't do without videos, please make sure that the integrated videos are copied onto the data carrier and stored in the same directory as the Lecture. Please test data carriers with integrated videos on different computers to ensure integration. One way to integrate different media into PowerPoint is the PACK & GO feature available in Microsoft PowerPoint to play presentations on other computers.

Poster Presentation

The Posters are hanging in the "Meitner lobby" from September 5, 15.00 until September 8, 18:00.
Poster presenters must be "on hands" for questions and discussion during the (coffee) breaks once in a while as much as they can and will (not always of course).
During the poster session on Sunday (15.00 – 16.30) in the Goethesaal each of them has 5 minutes to explain their work, show some pictures (format 16:9 with the resolution 1920x1080 pixels) and bring for that memory / USB sticks with the necessary material. The USB Sticks should be delivered as early as possible no later than 2 hours before presentation in the media check at the "Leibniz Bibliothek" (Library) of the Harnack-House.
We will provide a hand microphone for discussion.



Impressions of the Congress will follow soon.

Download Program

The program is now finalized and can be downloaded here.

Donation campaign

Appeal to all participants: We are planning to collect figures and sell them for little donations and give the money to a developing sandplaygoup in East Europe.

Please bring some figure of your collection and deliver it on the reception desk before Friday, September 6th, 2019 evening.

Important Dates

    • May 2, 2018
      Call for Abstract opens

    • August 1, 2018
      Online Registration open

    • December 31, 2018
      Deadline abstract submission

    • March 31, 2019
      Abstract Acceptance Notification

    • May 1, 2019
      Early Bird Deadline

    • September 5 - 9, 2019
      ISST Congress 2019



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